IWTB003 MISERY FOR A LIVING "Misery For A Living"

by I Want To Believe Tapes

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at Casali Birri by Tubo in June/July 2015.


released October 30, 2015

All songs by Misery For A Living except from:
Track 4 originally by Dag Nasty
Track 5 originally by Minor Threat
Track 6 originally by Unbroken

Guest vocals on "Under Your Influence" by Nasty and Giangi



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dystopian Eyes
The fire in our eyes will never die
So clench our fists and scream our minds

We're making the same mistakes
We're diggin' our own graves
Droppin' the needle on the turntable
to the sound of shit and failure

We are the bastard sons
of modern society
We are the broken ones
drowning in apathy

So bottom up to our wounded hearts
They'll never tear our souls apart
Dystopian eyes see through the shit
There's still a future for you and me
Track Name: Hang 'Em Up
Drowning in the schematics of social values
the paranoia of being born as a failure
The stereotypes that define modern society
are poisoning the basic roots of humanity

And you struggle for your existence
closing your eyes and keeping the distance
But in the end you're scared to find
that God left you behind

I've dealt with my insecurities
And though they got the best of me
I never felt to bow or kneel
to find a reason to feel real

So light up
the fire inside you
There's no sword
swingin' above you

Grab your demons by the throat
and fucking hang 'em up
Track Name: Acceptance
It's been eleven fucking years
and this is still my therapy
All my fears inked on paper sheets
Hundred rhymes screamed to a beat

And there's a lot I should've done
I should've opened up more
Instead of biting my tongue
and fill my mouth with blood

But there's no way I'll regret these years
The smiles, the fights and everything in between
Ten hour rides trapped in a fucking van
wondering what would've happened next

And there are lessons that I've learned
swallowing pride on broken bones
I've paved this path with my own feet
Nostalgia won't get the best of me